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The Survivor of the Saviors
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga

The Survivor of the Saviors

Alternative Titles 救世主の生き残り

Synopsis The Survivor of the Saviors

Grey is a magician who travels with his comrades and little sister in a party to stop the invasions of demons and seal away an evil god that revives every millennium. At the end of their journey, they battle the evil god, but under its overwhelming power, Grey loses all his companions save for his sister and is heavily injured in the process. To protect her brother, Fiona uses her final trump card, the divine sword, and sacrifices herself to seal away the evil god. Grey, the only survivor of the party of heroes who saved the world, obtains great wealth and power as the emperor of the Holy Empire. Alas, he is unable to recover from the grief of losing his beloved comrades and his little sister Fiona, his only family member, so he attempts to revive them by using all sorts of taboo spells, even using the power of the evil god, only to fail and be tormented by grief and despair. Suddenly, he hears a voice saying, “Do you want your loved ones back?” and he answers, “I would give up my glory, my life—everything to have them back,” and is swallowed by flames. When Grey wakes back up, he finds himself back in his hometown, which should’ve disappeared due to the demon invasions, along with a healthy Fiona…!? What is the identity of the mysterious voice Grey heard? What path will Grey take now that he has returned to the past while possessing the Evil Eye? Can Grey escape the fate of his comrades’ and sister’s death after returning to the past? A royal road adventure fantasy returning from death!

Released -
Author Seiki Amano
Artist NON
Serialization Line Manga
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