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My Eternal Reign
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga

My Eternal Reign

Synopsis My Eternal Reign

The world was suddenly attacked by a dungeon phenomenon. Mankind was able to overcome this disaster due to the Awakeners who could control the Gate Cards that had appeared along with the dungeons. In the midst of that, Okita Hikaru, someone who was barely able to qualify as an Awakener, was being oppressed by the Elite Awakeners in a company that dealt with dungeon capturing as a business. One day, after he was driven to the brink of death by a fierce dungeon monster and a despicable betrayal, Okita obtained a power beyond what humans could comprehend, one that allowed him to infinitely manipulate Gate Cards. Okita, who has become the strongest being that transcends the laws of this world, will never end his counterattacking turn against those who have oppressed him!

Released 2022
Author OTCL
Artist TENRYOJI Sena
Serialization 2022
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