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Mahoushi ni Noranai Ijin
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Mahoushi ni Noranai Ijin

Synopsis Mahoushi ni Noranai Ijin

“It’s precisely because of the academic degree that we do these. Your research is useless.” Ein is a mage who was dismissed from the Ministry of Magic without getting a degree. However, after adopting an orphan, a girl named Shannon, Ein succeeds in developing a new magic that allows him to be on par with the twelve eminent figures in the history of magic. As a mysterious mage, he will shake the world with his magic!! A topic in the “Let’s become a novelist!”! An exciting magical fantasy where a genius mage who has never been mentioned in the history of magic struggles with research and education of his daughter!

Released 2022
Author Shuu
Artist Sotono
Serialization 2022
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