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Ark The Legend
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Ark The Legend

Alternative Titles 아크 더 레전드

Synopsis Ark The Legend

After standing at the top of the game, “New World”, Ark, aka Kim Hyeonwoo, spent boring days as an advisor and director.

One day, he heard from the NIS that Lucifer, an artificial intelligence who was his rival in New World, has escaped to the real world.
Lucifer, who has illegally occupied nuclear generators, invites Ark to the new space game, ‘Galaxian’.

[User Ark from New World must participate in this competition.]

Ark, the strongest player in New World, enters the game in order to stop Lucifer…

[The durability of the alloy dagger has reached its limit.]
[I lost my alloy dagger.]

Ark lost his only belongings and got stuck in the tutorial.
Space newbie life is not as easy as you think, can Ark meet Lucifer?

Released 2022
Author Hwang Juyeong (Soy Media), Yoo Seong (II)
Artist T-SYS (Soy Media)
Serialization 2022
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